Our Strengths

Emerging Markets

We help our suppliers navigate lesser known markets to seek out the best product available on pricing and quality. Our team will ensure you reap the rewards of a flexible supply chain whilst eliminating the risk.


Cost Reduction

We understand that a competitively priced product is essential for a project success. With international markets fluctuating, currency falling and raw material costs rising, we know how critical it is to continue to deliver commercially viable products to the consumer.


Quality Management

We build assured and meticulous quality management plans to ensure no product is received to a substandard quality.

We ensure stringent inspection services during production and supply both in-house and third party .


Product Compliance

As any manufacturing partner should, we make consumer safety our top priority. We work with leading independent laboratories to offer recommendations on compliance for any international market and our technical team manage the entire process through to ensure our suppliers meet legislative requirements and their products are safe for market.


International fulfillment

We understand that fulfillment is much more than taking your product from point A to point B, understanding the complexities of international customs, shipment and clearance are expertly built into our seamless logistics solutions.

We deliver products across six continents for our suppliers and ensure them products arrive on schedule and safely packed.