What we do

Sourcing & Procurement

Our expertise lies with the identification of suppliers, goods and services, the negotiation of pricing, terms and conditions and in the delivery to the end user.

Our strength lies in our dedicated sourcing team, our systematic quality control at the origin of the goods and in our expertise in logistics and transport related issues.
We focus mostly on difficult countries where the market for goods and services lacks transparency and fluidity, and where consequently many products and services are hard to find and / or command a high price.

As agents we deal with suppliers on a daily basis sourcing the best possible prices for the competitive market. We provide our clients with the assurance of quality, personalized service and a results orientated attitude. Complete client satisfaction is the key driving factor behind the excellence in service that we deliver.

Let us know what your requirements are, we will provide the solution and strive to go beyond yours expectations.

Import, Export & Distribution

D.A. Consult UAE successfully imports and exports many known brands from around the world and together we can design and implement a custom import program for your private label.

Due to our strategic location in the UAE, we are able to provide and extensive distribution and logistic services, as well as to supply cost-effective products and excellent customer care.

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